immaterieel erfgoed vorming ontmoetingsmoment digitalisering documentering

Van 16 t.e.m. 18 november organiseert Dachverband Tanz Deutschland een driedaagse workshop over het digitaliseren van immaterieel cultureel erfgoed: INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE AND INNOVATION – 2D and 3D Documentation and Visualisation of Performing Arts, Folklore and Rituals through the example of dance. De workshop vindt plaats in Berlijn.

"Everyone seems to be talking about innovative models to digitalise cultural heritage. Here, the intangible elements of cultural heritage have an especially complex and exciting role – in the performing arts, in folklore and rituals.We intend to take dance – in all its forms – as an example for a very complex issue in the context of documentation and visualisation. As a volatile art form the preservation of dance – also for future generations – is a tricky, but important question. Thus, looking at the possibilities of its digitalisation and visualisation is a very challenging and fascinating task.

We would like to invite you to present your experiences in documenting and visualising intangible cultural heritage at this workshop – whether in a conventional form with audio/visual media or with advanced technologies related to 3D-digitalisation, whether your work is directly related to dance or other forms of intangible cultural heritage, whether your interest lies in aesthetic or technical developments.

Come and share the latest knowledge with European partners and a new generation of academics and artists; find new partners for future EU-projects!

In Berlin's inspiring atmosphere, European networks, technology partners, artists and cultural institutions will meet to discuss the future of digitalising intangible cultural heritage. In short lectures and presentations, young academics from the academic networks will report on the current state of research. Technology partners and research institutes will demonstrate recording methods. The practical workshops with artists will challenge technology and represent an opportunity to discuss aesthetic questions. The audience is invited to experience fascinating images and movement in 2D and 3D."

Indien je wil deelnemen aan de workshop, kan je een bericht en - indien je een presentatie wil geven - een paper (max. 5000 tekens) sturen naar onderstaande contactgegevens voor 30 juni 2015. Wanneer je graag een praktische workshop wil organiseren, stuur dan tegen deze datum je voorstel

Contact: / phone +49 (0)30 / 37 44 33 92 (Jana Gruenewald; Christine Henniger)