tentoonstelling william forsythe

De internationaal geroemde choreograaf en danser William Forsythe presenteert een selectie van performatieve objecten, video installaties en interactieve ruimtes in het MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt am Main (DE). De experimentele en dynamische tentoonstelling loopt t.e.m. 31 januari 2016.

"The exhibition features large scale installations, including several site-specific works developed especially for this occasion. A typical characteristic of these works is the organization of movement. The visitors can move freely through their performative exhibition and thus become part of a choreographic arrangement. William Forsythe’s choreographic objects grant them access to novel situations, where they themselves become players through interaction with the installations. The artist’s instructions for action are posted next to the work labels.

In this exhibition, Forsythe’s performative and space-related Choreographic Objects enter into dialogue with the museum architecture by Hans Hollein, but also masterpieces from the MMK collection. The latter were selected in close collaboration with William Forsythe according to content-related correspondences as well as formal analogies. Line, movement, sound, compositional structures and aspects of performance in space play a key role in all of these works."


- over de expo in het MMK
- over Choreographic Objects/The Fact of Matter